About Me

I have been more than 6 years in digital marketing industries, and have helped more than 140 companies to grow their business.

About Me

With more than 6 years of experience working in Digital Marketing, I know that my knowledge can be a huge support to your team. When I worked for Topebox, Havas Media and Clever Ads, I have had opportunities to work on many exciting project such as:

Thanks to hands-on experience regarding planning, setting up, and optimizing the campaign. I am quite comfortable building and executing a digital plan with performance objectives such as traffic, lead, conversion, etc for Facebook ads, Paid search, GDN, and other Biddable Media campaigns.

Years of Experience

Company Helped

My skills: What I can help you

I know my experience is mainly for Global Companies and Big Projects, however, I have spent 2 years as a freelancer and used to be in business before I graduated from University. So I understand the difficulties and challenges that a small and medium business must go through.

I hope to advise you on options that suit your current business situation and bring out the best possible results.

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